3CX Virtual PBX Hosted In Our Cloud

Let us take all the work out of managing your phone system and VoIP network with our Cloud Hosted 3CX solution. Utilizing the 3CX Virtual PBX platform we are able to help you reduce cost and IT overhead while still providing the enterprise class service and features you expect.

Our Cloud

  • 14 World Wide Data Center Locations (See Map Below)
  • Redundant Utilities / Environmental Controls
  • Multiple Redundant Internet Connections
  • Enterprise Class Intel Based Servers
  • Solid State Hard Drives
  • 10Gbps Network Backbone
  • Comprehensive Firewall With QoS & Traffic Shaping
  • NAT Traversing SIP Proxy

Single Site Customers

Our Cloud Hosted server is perfect for all small - medium customers. Your instance can be scaled to meet your needs up to 8 simutanious calls. It's great for anyone who doesn't want to invest time, money, or man-power in an on-site phone system yet wants all the features.

Multi-Site Customers

3CX Cloud Hosted services from Caylor Communications are perfect for customers with multiple sites. You can have one phone system and have multiple office locations access it like everyone is in the same building. It's also great for road warriors and employees who work from home. With our NAT Traversing SIP Proxy as long as the users phone can get to the internet it can connect to the system. There's no configuring routers or firewalls or worrying how your employee's network is setup at home.